Disposing of Equipment

 Equipment must be disposed of responsibly at the end of its life, the process is covered by regulations on Waste, transportation of waste, Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment, and where applicable, Waste battery and Accumulator Regulations.

We will take back the EEE Products we sold to you when it reaches end of life, free of charge. Please contact us for details. WEEE can contain hazardous components. Do not dispose of WEEE in your bin. Send it for safe disposal.

Customers must follow the instructions to make equipment safe and complete any packaging or statements of compliance to allow this to be arranged.

Removable Industrial batteries in the equipment may be disposed of through customers waste collection processes, or if requested, Medray will take back and recycle at its own cost, however, the customers must pay for collection and transportation to the take back centre.

It's important to retain all replacement battery packaging for use on batteries removed so they can be collected and transported in line with waste and hazardous products regulation.  The packaging is designed and safety tested, specifically for each battery and without this transportation by road or rail is not allowed.

Some industrial batteries (eg. lead/acid) often have a value to recyclers, so discussing collection by your current waste contractor may allow them to be collected and recycled for free.  Should you wish Avista Medical to provide a quotation for collection of waste batteries supplied by us, and you have packed in the replacement battery packaging, call our customer services team.

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